Class 5 Debate – ‘Homework should be banned in schools’!

As part of their English unit on arguments, Class 5 held an exciting debate on the motion ‘Homework should be banned in schools’! After being split into two debate teams (the Ayes and Nays), pupils researched information to support their arguments in the ICT suite, before the debate was held on Tuesday. Chaired by the Speaker, Mr Croutear, the proposers Freya, Rory, Ruby S & Sam went up against the opposers Josh C, Sophie, Lily P & Olivia. Other pupils then took on the role of interveners to ask questions and challenge points. The main arguments for each side were summarised by Bella and Joe, before pupils voted on the motion and the official tellers, Katie and Elif, counted the votes and reported the result to the Speaker.

Interestingly, there were 11 votes for the motion and 20 votes against! Class 5 voted for homework to remain! What conscientious children!


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