Well done to our Pupils of the week. This week we were asked to write teaspoon prayers. Thank you, Sorry and Please.

They both wrote very thoughtful prayers and have been very helpful and thoughtful all week.

In Writing we have been focusing on verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs. Please ask your children what they mean.

In Maths we have been practising counting on in our tens and counting back in our tens. We have also been practising counting on to work out the missing number and taking away. These were some of the things the children were getting wrong when they were assessed before half term.

In RE we have been writing prayers and retelling Jesus’s stories. We learnt two new words, Incarnation and salvation.

The children have been given spellings to keep at home and practise, these are on a small slip, these words, were all the words they got wrong, in the last few weeks before half term. They will not be tested again on these words, they are for you to help support your child at home.

In addition I have been practising contracted forms with the children again. Please can your children also practise these, they have been handed out to your child with the small slips stapled to them, to ensure they don’t get lost.

From now on I will be focussing on adding 10’s and taking 10’s for mental maths and times tables.

Next Friday will be adding 10.

For example:

50 + 10 + 10 =

22 + 20 =

24 + ____= 44


Finally please can children bring in their favourite books next week for Tuesday and Wednesday and come in dressed as a character form their favourite book on Thursday.

Again thank you for all of your support.

Mrs Miller




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