WB: 27/02/17

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In class 3 this week, we are focusing on word problems in maths involving the four operations. We are also going to be doing some work on interpreting bar graphs. In English, we are working on our book Blodin the Beast. So far we have been using our inference skills, writing from a point of view and will be having a debate later on in the week about whether or not Blodin’s slaves should try and escape! The pupils have come up with some fantastic descriptive sentences to describe the setting of the story, and have been working really hard using their writing resources independently.

We will also be learning some more spanish later on in the week, class 3 really enjoyed their last session and we will be learning some more greeting phrases!

As this week is World Book Week, we are going to be discussing our favourite books and reading our favourite parts to each other. Don’t forget to dress up on Thursday as a character from a book!

On Thursday, we are having our homework exhibition and the children are very exciting to show off all their lovely RE projects.

There will be a spelling test on Friday as usual.


Group 1: x4, x9

Group 2: x4, x7

Thank you to those who are filling in their reading journal regulary, you are making a great effort!

Miss Deay

I will be posting some pictures later on in the week, so keep an eye on the blog!

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