Well done pupil of the week!

He was chosen because he shows he is reflective learner, always checking on his learning!

This week has been so much fun, we have been reading ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and have been using the book to help us get ideas for our own letter writing.

In numeracy we were looking at the story ‘One is a snail and ten is a crab’ we thought about different ways we could make numbers and  ways of recording information.

This week we had lots of reading opportunities. We had Miss Deay and Mr Croutear read to us and we also read to and listened to year 3 and 5 children.

Well for all the effort from children and parents with home learning and world book day. The children looked fantastic and the projects  were really interesting.

Next week in our mental maths will be taking 10’s:

66 – 10 – 10 =

99 – 30 =

80 – ___ -____ = 20

Spellings for this week are:

happiest, heaviest, laziest, dying, tying, lying, buying and enjoying.

Thank you for all your support!


Mrs Miller

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