Well done Pupils of the week!

Our first pupil of the week was chosen for her manners, kindness and continuous effort in class, Our second has demonstrated a positive change to his behavior this week and what a difference it has made. Well done both of you!

This week we have been learning about Victorian schools! We have been looking at different things you might find in a Victorian school and we even had a morning where the classroom was set up to represent a Victorian classroom. The children found it very peculiar when Mrs Miller was stood at the door, watching children and commanding they enter silently in a Victorian fashion. The children soon worked out what was happening and some found it particularly amusing having to wear the Dunces hat! We practised the 3 R’s Reading, wRiting and aRithmatics!

Next week the mental maths test will be on the 5 times tables. I will be asking these out of order. I will also be testing on the following words:

skiing,  taxiing,  having,  making,  using,  loving,  changing,  cycling

Please continue practising the children’s own personal spellings at home!

Thank you


Mrs Miller


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