19.3.17      Another busy week in Class R!  One of our activities was to write alien poems, which I would like to share with you:

Aliens make us  giggle  /   Because they have one eye /   They even steal underpants /       What a surprise!

Piglets (Evie, Henry, Alfie, Reef, Lucia, Izzie, Oscar, Finley

Aliens love underpants    /   As big as can be /   To zoom back into space /   As fast as you can see

Eeyores (Thomas, Elsie-Mae, Flo, Mason, Vinnie, Elena)

The aliens saved the day   /   They have lots of arms /  And lots of  underpants /   And one is tiny as an ant

Winnies (Ava, Beau, Olivia, Judah, Riley, Joey)

Aliens have a hundred arms  /  They are orange, blue and green /  Some have three eyes /   Especially to be seen

Tiggers (Pip, Ollie, Petya, Samuel, Matilda, Maggie, Emily)

Sorry I could not set them out as poems, but I lost the formatting when I posted the blog.

This week we are writing stories, which should be very exciting!

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