Wednesday 5th April

It is a beautiful day on the Island so far and the children slept like logs last night. There have been very few complaints so far, other than a few boys who complain they do not have enough hairspray. We have told them they don’t need it when they go to bed but they don’t seem to understand.

Anyway, after sausages and beans for brealkfast, we have been experiencing fencing, 3G swing, volleyball, climbing and archery. Children continue to work really well in their teams and their manners are impeccable, particularly when it comes to meal times and the chance for seconds. Here are some quotes so far!

‘We have got closer as friends.’

‘It has been great fun so far.’

‘The food is great!’

‘It makes you fearless.’

‘I conquered my fears.’

‘The teachers are very supportive.’ (This child was not paid for this quote)

‘I have liked everything.’

‘It is a great experience.’

‘The teachers are amazing.’ (nor this one)

Tonight we are off on a hike and we hope the weather holds out!

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