Well done

Our pupil of the week this week by demonstrating how much she has bee listening and learning in class during her unaided write. Wonderful writing Mia!

This week wee have been writing information about nocturnal animals and looked at different ways to engage the reader.

In maths we have been practising lots of different problem solving to prepare us for our tests next week and the week after.

As we are testing the children over the next two weeks, I am not going to test them on their spellings and mental maths. I feel this would be unfair to the children.

However, if you could help your child practise spelling year 2 words, and going over times tables, division, addition and subtraction, it may help them to feel more confident.

I have told the children that it is important they try their best, as it will be a chance to show off what they can do for their teacher next year. However, if they do not do as well as they would of liked, it does not matter, it just helps us to know how to support them to become even better at there learning than they already are.

Again thank you for all your support.

Many Thanks

Mrs Miller


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