BISS School Ski Race!


On Monday morning Max, Georgina and David arrived at Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre to represent the Priory school and race against 180 junior ski racers from around the country at the British Independent School Ski race championships.  Ski categories ranged from Under 10 to Under 14, with our three Priory representatives all in the Under 10 and with two against competitors up to 3 years senior.

Open practice was held on the slope whilst the course was being set. Although the snow had been groomed the night before it was obviously bumpy as there were falls from a number of competitors. The children were then allowed to inspect the course slowly before the racing commenced.

The Priory team had a good start with all three completing the course successfully and getting respectable times for their first race on snow.  Max was out the gates first in bid number 20 with a time of 17.14, Georgina in bib 52 followed with 21.98 and then David in bib 77 with 19.84.

The course quickly became rutted and round 2 produced slower times for most competitors including ours, making their first runs the ones that counted when determining scores.  After an anxious wait the results were announced.  Unfortunately the Priory school were not on the medal board.  However, whilst the team might not have walked away with any medals, they took part with enthusiasm, bravery and team spirit, against bigger and more experienced competitors.  For that we can all be proud.




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