Another lovely week in Class R!  This week we have been learning all about The Runaway Chapati – re-telling the story and also making up some sound effects. The children did really well with the Circuit Challenge that Year 6 ran and I was really impressed with the balancing skills shown on the small apparatus in PE this week.


This week our activities will be based around the book Handa’s Surprise. We will be playing in the fruit café, writing lists and sorting fruit, making story maps and making some clay fruit.


This week I will be issuing the children with their Home Reading books and their first strip of words to learn at home. These words are to read – the children do not have to write them too. I would be grateful if you could make a comment in the books about how your child is doing – could they point to the words, tell you the first letter of the words, talk about the story, characters, setting? Ideas for how you can help your child to read were discussed at the Reading Meeting last week.  If you were unable to attend, I attach the powerpoint.

Holiday homework.  Can you please help your child to write their name? Could they make their name in different ways, for example using twigs, materials, in shaving foam? If they could bring in some pictures, this would be brilliant.   Also, could you please ask your child to draw a picture of themselves and could you write down all the things that they can do or enjoy eg ride a bike without stabilisers, swim, re-tell a story, gardening etc. The children can share these with each other. If the children could bring these in by the beginning of the second week back, that would be fantastic. Thank you.

Congratulations to our Learners of  the Week, who are always ready to listen and learn.



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