WB: 13/11/17

This week in maths, we are focusing on place value and looking at the different ways we can represent numbers using Base 10 and place value grids. The pupils will be continuing to use concrete resources to help reinforce and build on their knowledge of place value and number throughout the lessons.

In English, we will be continuing to work on our play scripts about bumping into a Viking on the beach. We will be performing these in groups later on in the week. In spellings, we will be working on prefixes and suffixes.

We will be making our longships this week as part of D & T, thank you for sending your child in with some cardboard. We will also be taking a dance lesson on Wednesday, and having a RNLI talk on Thursday afternoon-long with much more.


Group 1: x8

Group 2: x7

Miss Deay

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