Well done to our pupil of the week, who was chosen for her resilience in her maths.

In writing we have been writing about the Victorian times. We turned the classroom into a Victorian classroom where the teachers were strict and children were sent to the corner to wear the dunces hat! All role play of course.  We practised writing in chalk and we also had to do Victorian exercises. We then wrote about a Victorian school day.

In maths we are now using a different approach to really teach children in depth about number. We have been using lots of concrete resources to help further develop their understanding. It has been amazing watching the children really grasp their learning! Well done for all of you being so resilient.

We have also given out roles in the nativity.

Would it be possible to have tow angel costumes donated? We also need to large animal costumes as we have two tall boys!

Please find attached a list of names for Christmas cards  Class list

Many Thanks

Mrs Miller

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