WB: 20/11/17

This week in class 3 we are completing assessments. Yesterday, we worked on our Maths Arithmetic paper and I was so impressed with how resilient the pupils were. They worked really hard on their paper.

Apart from assessments, we will be completing our Viking longships, learning about the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology and also doing some of our client presentations as part of our health and fitness science topic!

As you know, we are going on a school trip on Friday to the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne. Thank you for offering to volunteer to help on the trip, we now have more than enough parents coming along. We should all have a great day!

Please remind your child to bring in their reading journals every Thursday, as I need to count up how many nights reading they have completed in order for them to get their certificates!

Our times tables test will be on Thursday this week:

Group 1: x9

Group 2: x8

Class list for Christmas cards

Class names for Christmas cards





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