W/B: 08/01/18

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a nice Christmas holiday. Thank you for the lovely presents I received before we broke up, they were very thoughtful.

This week in class 3, we are working on our addition and subtraction in Maths crossing and not crossing 100. We will also be working on our problem solving by spotting a pattern. In English, we will be using our inference skills, describing a setting and writing from a point of view. We will also be working on using an apostrophe of possession with plural nouns.

In science, we will be investigating the strength of different magnets and in our topic ‘Extreme Earth’, we will be exploring how a volcano occurs. We will also be working on some Spanish where we will learn the numbers 1-5.

On Wednesday we will have our dance session, so please ensure to send your child to school with their PE kit. We will also have golf on Friday.

Times tables test this week:

Group 1: x3, x4 x8

Group 2: x2, x3

Don’t forget to bring in your reading journal on Thursday so I can sign it.

Have a good week!

Miss Deay

Class 3 letter



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