W/B: 22/01/18

This week in maths, we are beginning our multiplication and division, and will be working on multiplication of equal groups, x3 and dividing by 3.

In English, we are writing playscripts using a range of connectives and will be performing them on Wednesday. We will also be working on our prediction skills towards the end of the week. Well done to all those who have earned their pen licence so far-keep working hard!

In Art, we will be working on our landscape painting. In Science we will be creating our own game to show how magnets attract or repel each other. In our topic, we will be learning about what causes earthquakes and how they are measured.

We will be having golf and dance as usual this week, please see some of the pictures below.

Also, can you please bring in some plastic bottles and newspaper so we can begin to work on creating our volcanoes.

Times tables:

Group 1: x8, x9

Group 2: x6

Miss Deay


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