W/B: 29/01/18

In maths this week we are continuing to work on multiplication and division, while using our concrete resources to help us to reach the answer. We will be working on our x4 and x8 during class time, so I will be testing both group 1 and 2 on these times tables on Friday.

In writing, we are beginning to work on adventure stories and how they are structured. This week in class we have read ‘Gorilla’ and will also be working on ‘The Tunnel’. We will be identifying the different characters and drawing comparisons between them using our inference skills.

In Science, we are creating our magnetic games that we planned last week. The children will be using magnets and paperclips to test these games out. In D & T we are creating our volcano models (which we will be painting later on in the week). In Geography, we are learning about tsunamis and how they are formed. We will also be having our dance and golf sessions as usual this week.

Please remember to bring in your reading journals on Thursday.

Miss Deay


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