Wb: 05/02/18

Firstly, welcome back to school after the snow! We have a busy week ahead of us in Class 3. We are having assessment week, and will be sitting some maths, reading and spag papers. The children worked really hard yesterday, and earned a gem in the jar. Keep up the fantastic effort.

When we complete our tests this week, we will be working on division in maths. In writing, we will be working on our Arthur legends. We will be extending sentences by using descriptive language and a range of punctuation. We will then be redrafting and improving our work on Friday.

In our topic, we will be exploring how life in Dorset was different in the 18th century. In D & T, we will be designing our smuggler purses. On Wednesday we will have athletics in the afternoon.

On a Monday morning, class 3 have been taking part in the singing strategy with class 4 and 5. As part of this we will be performing a song in The Priory later on in the year. The children are quite enjoying working with Mrs Wright it at the moment.

Times tables test this week:

Group 1: x8, 9 ,12

Group 2: x6, x 7, x8

Don’t forget your reading journal on Thursday.

Miss Deay

Here are some pictures of the children’s costumes for World Book Day along with some photos of our homework exhibition!


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