W/B: 12/03/18

In class 3 this week, we are working on some more division and will be moving on to scaling. We will also be working on some problem solving on Friday. In our times tables test this week, I am going to test a range of the times tables from 2-12. For group 2, I would like them to work on their 9’s.

In writing, we are working on recounting and summarising our Arthur legends, and will also be drafting and publishing a comic strip towards the end of the week. We are also working on our prepositions and word classes (identifying words that are verbs, adjectives, adverbs) in SPAG.

In science, we will be learning about sun safety along with the benefits and dangers of UV light. We will also be using our chrome books on Thursday to research some information about smuggling in Dorset.

Please remember to bring in your reading journal on Thursday, well done to those who are consistently bringing them in to get signed.

Miss Deay



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