Our pupil of the week has been chosen for his resilience and behavior, he is always demonstrating our school values.

What a great start to the term. We have been measuring how long some dinosaurs were using meter sticks and trundle wheels, we have been Looking at poems and seeing how we could change them to incorporate a dinosaur, we have been making dinosaurs, taking part in see, think, wonder activities and so much more.
In RE we have started to discuss the creation and to dig a little bit deeper, thinking about how we should look after the planet that God created.

We were also really lucky today because we got a visit from Paddy and his mum. They talked us through children who are differently able. We got to play with sensory toys, use a wheel chair, see what it is like for people who are visually impaired and try some of Paddy’s favorite snacks.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Please see attached our topic letter. Summer2

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