Ancient Greek Day!

Class 5 had a fantastic ‘Ancient Greek Day’ yesterday, with every member of the class (including all of the adults) dressed the part in their togas and warrior attire! After learning their Ancient Greek names and finding out which city state (Athens, Sparta, Olympia, Corinth) they were members of, the citizens created a chant to use at the forthcoming Olympic Games!


Under the shadow of the great Mount Olympus (which looked a lot like the Priory Church), groups then prepared their Olympic activity and performed it to the rest of the class before lunch. Citizens were treated to quite a spectacle as a lamb was slaughtered as a sacrificial offering to the great god Zeus, before the action got underway with the Pankration (wrestling contest). The ‘traditional’ Pentathlon followed, featured competitors from each city-state taking part in the javelin, discus, sprinting, long jump and more wrestling! Finally, we watched an exciting chariot race around the arena!


After lunch, we worked with Tony & Michelle from ‘State of Play Arts’, who put on a fabulous performance in role as an Ancient Greek lady and her faithful servant. Pupils were able to interact with the drama by creating a dream which we then all acted out!


It was a memorable day and a great way to launch our new history topic. We are looking forward to seeing some of the creative writing which pupils will be doing, having hopefully been inspired by their experience.


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