W/B: 17/09/18

Hello everyone!

Thank you for sending in some cardboard for the class to use-hopefully we will begin creating our airplane models on Friday! The pupils really enjoyed our paper airplane competition last week-well done to Maggie who was the overall winner!

In maths this week we have been exploring simple adding and will be introduced to column addition later in the week. We have also been practicing counting up in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s.

In English we have been innovating our journey story ‘The Way Back Home’ and have been thinking about what journey our character will go on, what will happen to them, who they will meet and finally how they will find their way back home! The pupils have been coming up with some good ideas so far!

In history we looked at some footage of the Wright Brother’s first flight and in science we will be learning about Sir Isaac Newton.

In our spellings this week we learned what a homophone is (pear/pair and male/mail), along with some tricky words we have been revisiting in phonics (little, one, when, because, through, thought). We have been adding some of them to our ‘Tricky Word Pot’ to help us during our writing sessions.


In phonics we have been recaping the ai and ay sound, along with working on our ‘ou’ sound pronounced ‘ow’ and the ‘oi’ sound pronounced ‘oy’. We will be having a dictation on Friday where I will read out some sentences with this weeks spellings.

We also made a sound flower for the ‘ai’ sound and the different ways the sound can be spelt (ay, a-e, ey, a etc.) I’ve asked the pupils to write a word on a clothes peg with the ai sound spelt a different way and place it on one of the petals. This is what we’ve got so far…


Finally, I’m sure you have been hearing about our class bear. One pupil will be picked every week to bring Petey home. Remember to bring him back in as soon as you can to show us what adventures you got up! He’s been having an exciting journey so far!


Miss Deay

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