W/B: 24/09/18

Hello everyone!

In maths this week we are focusing on our column addition with and without  carrying the tens. The pupils have also been using their place value charts to understand that we exchange 10 ones for a ten.

In writing, we have been working on our innovation to get some more ideas for our journey story. We will be inventing our new journey story at the end of the week using all the ideas we have mustered up since the start of the unit!

In RE, we have began some work on what Christians believe God is like. We will use the story of Jonah to explore this. In history, we will be learning about Amelia Aerhart and in D & T we will start assembling and making our cardboard airplanes piece by piece!

In phonics we have been learning about the alternative spellings of the ee sound (ea, ey, e, e-e, ie) etc. Our tricky words (along with our weekly spelling list) for our dictation on Friday are: again, today thought and through.

Have a lovely week!

Miss Deay


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