Class 5 Update

Another terrific week in Class 5 – the pupils have really impressed as they continue to enjoy their Maths No Problem lessons. We have reached the end of the first chapter of lessons; there was the opportunity to use our Maths Journals to demonstrate our learning on place value and rounding through the language of reasoning. We also tackled an incredibly challenging problem using bar modelling.


We have enjoyed composing our own Ancient Greek myths as we entered the ‘invention’ phase of our unit. Pupils wrote their myths on yellow paper so that it can be directly compared to the ‘cold task’ they did in the first week of term (blue paper). The difference is incredible and demonstrates what terrific progress we have all made as writers in just three weeks. We cannot wait to show you our English books at parents evening!


Below are some pictures of our writing journey board, as well as the class hard at work writing their myths!


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