W/B: 01/10/18

This week in class 2, we have finished our TFW unit for our journey story. I was very impressed with the effort the pupils put into their writing and grammar. We have now move on to our next TFW unit which is a recount and will focus on the story ‘Whatever Next’. Our main focus of this unit will be to write in the past tense, the first person, use adjectives, similes, commas in a list and adverbial phrases (to say when something is happening in the story-first, next etc.) We will also be focusing on how some words change when they are in the past tense and our ‘ed’ endings. We have already started learning some of the actions on our story map.

In maths, we are working on simple subtraction using a range of different methods. We are working on using the part-whole method and also the column method. Please see this weeks homework.

In RE, we are learning about what lessons we could learn as Christians from the story of Noah. In D & T we will be painting our cardboard airplanes which we made on Friday. In Science next week we will be doing an experiment which will involve some empty milk cartons. We only need 12 or so as the pupils will be groups, so if you have any at home please send them in.

In phonics we have been working on the igh sound with the spelling igh, ie and i-e. Please remember to learn your spellings for the dictation this Friday!

Miss Deay

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