W/B: 08/10/18

Hello everyone!

This week in Class 2, we have been working on subtraction with renaming. We have been borrowing from the tens to give to our ones. The pupils also have this for homework  this week. We have also been working on our mental maths (7 +1, 8 +5 etc).

In English, we have been working on innovating our recount. So far the pupils have been using some great similes and also remembering their commas in a list. We need to keep working on the spelling of our HFW (saw, had etc.)-if you would like to practice at home these spellings are at the back of the English homework books.

In science, we will be making rocket mice to explore how air moves objects. In Music, we will be working on playing our b, a and g notes on our recorders. In history, we will be learning about how flight has changed throughout the years. In RE, we have learned about how Christians show their love for God in different ways.

In our phonics this week we have been focusing on the oo sound spelt oo, ew, ue and u-e. We will have our dictation on Friday as usual.

Thank you,

Miss Deay

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