Week beginning: 8/10/18

Congratulation to our pupil of the week who was chosen for her resilience in Mathematics. She was also able to demonstrate confidently how to solve a problem in front of the whole class. Well done!

In Mathematics we have been finding the difference and learning how to subtract. The concrete resources have really helped us grasp the concept.

In writing we have been learning about fronted adverbials and compound sentences. We have been trying to be more creative with how we connect our sentences and how we start our sentences.

In Science we have begun a science investigation. We looked at the effect different drinks can have on our teeth. This involved an egg! – Ask your children to find out more.

I have had a lot of children on the pot of gold this week! Well done to those children who are really making an effort to show they are ready to learn.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Miller

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