W/B: 15/10/18

We’ve had a busy week in class 2. Yesterday we went on our school trip to Bournemouth Aviation Museum which the pupils really enjoyed (even if the weather wasn’t fantastic)! We explored all the different aircraft-some of us even dressed up as pilots and were ready to take flight! We saw planes taking off from Bournemouth Airport, completed a quiz about the aircraft and even saw a model of one of the Wright brothers planes! Have a look at some of the pictures….


This week in writing we have completed our hot tasks and written up our recount. We have also been working on our addition and subtraction in Maths, going back over our borrowing and carrying. Today we are starting our multiplication which we will continue after half term. In Reading, we completed a reading ‘challenge’ on Tuesday where I gave the children the 2018 paper 1 comprehension. They all had a really good go at it and I was impressed at their effort! There are some areas we need to work on so I am sending it home in book bags today for you to have a look through and see the style of questions that the children are expected to answer.

In science we completed our rocket mice investigation and also carried out a fair test to investigate how far a toy can travel on different materials.

There will be no maths homework going out today, I am just sending home the reading comprehensions for the pupils to work on.

Have a lovely half term!

Miss Deay

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