Alien Discovery!

As Class 5 begin their new topic, ‘To Infinity and Beyond’, we have been discussing the possibility of extra-terrestrial life and alleged UFO sightings. Our new model text for English is the police report of a supposed UFO sighting in Suffolk from 1980. We studied some fascinating ‘photos’ of UFOs and then heard that a strange object had been discovered on the school field!


We went outside to investigate, finding that bright yellow CAUTION tape had been secured across the area, which contained what appeared to be two tentacles from a life-form which was certainly not human. The objects had attracted native insects, as the tentacles were covered with spiders and cockroaches (all of which appeared to be dead). Within the skin/membrane were large sacks filled with a clear liquid and some kind of metallic coating. Mr Croutear led an autopsy, watched by the class. One of the metallic sacks was burst, spraying several pupils with liquid! The health of the afflicted pupils was monitored for the rest of the day – fortunately no ill effect were suffered. We also noticed that the two tentacles clasped together through some kind of magnetic force.


Although clearly no longer alive, we speculated that the remains were likely to be part of an alien, possibly thrown overboard as a UFO crossed Christchurch!


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