Week Beginning: 5/11/18

Well done to our pupil of the week who was chosen for his resilience, focus and communication during our electricity afternoon, it was clear he had learnt lots from the session.

In writing this week we have been learning about embedded clauses and also alliteration. We had a go at innovating the first verse of our focus poem.

In Maths we have been continuing to solve word problems. This has been quite tricky but we have enjoyed the challenge.

In Science we have been exploring electricity. The children had a go at creating circuits. They explored the school to find electrical items and recorded these. They had a go at writing electrical symbols and and also sorting objects that might require electricity to work.

In art we have begun to look at the art of Ton Schulten a Dutch artist. We looked at his impressionist art of city settings and started to design our own in a similar way.

Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Miller


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