W/B: 19/11/18

We’ve had quite a chilly start to the week, winter has certainly arrived! It seemed like the ‘Beast from the East’ was back minus the snow! As usual, it’s been busy in class 2. In maths we did some more work on our division along with division word problems. We also worked on our arithmetic skills on Monday and Tuesday during core skills time. I’ve sent this little booklet home in book bags to give pupils the opportunity to practice it if they want. We will also be having a times table test on Friday on our 3 times table.

In writing, we have started our unit on instructions- ‘How to trap a Troll’. This week was the imitation stage in our writing. We have been looking at the key features of the text and using descriptions. We also learned about using an apostrophe for possession along with question marks.

In art, we will be working on watercolour backgrounds. In science, we will be exploring how materials can change shape. In geography we will be investigating different types of weather in the UK and the four seasons. In PE, we continued to work on our dance sequences.

As it is assessment week next week, I will be testing pupils on some of the year 1/2 common exception words next Friday. These can be found at the back of the English homework book.

I will be looking at reading journals tomorrow, so please remind the pupils to put it in their book bags.

Thank you,

Miss Deay

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