Class 5 Update

After our unexpected Dalek visitor on Monday, Class 5 have been getting to grips with our model text: ‘Should the Daleks be allowed to live on Earth?’. Each day, a different pupil has taken on the role of the Dalek to help guide us through our story map. Yesterday we had a visit from Davros, the creator of the Daleks! Pupils quizzed him about why he thinks the species should be allowed to reside on our planet. Most pupils in Class 5 did not agree! Next week, we will be writing our innovation – a discussion text asking the question ‘should Doctor Who give up being a time lord?’



Maths has been tricky this week as we have been working on word problems. Much resilience has been needed and we have been learning to ‘make a plan’, ‘carry out the plan’ and ‘check the answer’.


In the afternoons we have been looking again at Heartsmart and thinking about different ways in which we can show love. We learnt about the ‘five languages of love’ and how people can show it in different ways. We have to recognise this and so hopefully we can ‘let the love in’.


We have also been busy planning and drafting our ‘planet fact-files’. Pupils chose one of the planets of our solar system to research using the Chrome-books. They have been drafting a fact-file using our ‘informing the reader’ toolkit (borrowed from our Ancient Greek information page unit). Next week these will be published as a polished piece of work for our curriculum books.

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