Talk 4 Writing: Doctor Who!

We have had a fantastic ‘innovation’ week in English, as we have been drafting our discussion texts titled ‘Should Doctor Who give up being a Time Lord?’ To help us with this, we have been retelling the model text every day, with the of our ‘Daily Dalek’ who has been guiding us through our story map! In terms of pupils using their writing toolkits to draft their work, this has been the most successful unit so far this year. Some tremendous writing has taken place and we have enjoyed looking at each other’s work using the visualiser. Pupils are becoming more adept at editing their work following feedback from the teacher. Next week, we are writing our ‘invention’ – pupils have chosen their own discussion question based on our current space topic, ‘To Infinity and Beyond’. Some examples are: ‘Should we be allowed to play football on the Moon?’, ‘Should the new Doctor Who be a woman?’, ‘Should Mr Ruffle give up being an Associate Time Lord?’ (we found out he currently is after he rescued the class from the Dalek last week).


Pupils are also making good use of our writing journey board, which is now full of useful information, such as our story map, the toolkit, the boxed-up text and daily examples of Mr Croutear’s modelled writing (with annotated features). We also have our list of non-negotiable spellings!


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