W/B: 03/12/18

We’ve had a busy week so far in class 2.

In maths, we have started our unit on length and will be measuring in m and cm, along with comparing different lengths during the week. We will be having a times tables test on Friday where we will focus again on x3 and 3 division times tables.

In writing, we will be finishing our innovation on our instructions and hopefully will be starting our hot task towards the end of the week.  In our spelling and phonics this week, we have also been working on suffixes and homophones (their, there and they’re). Remember to learn your spellings for our dictation.

In science, we will be creating a fact file on the creator John McAdam and in our history topic we will be writing a recount of what happened in the Gunpowder Plot. We have also been practicing our songs and parts for the nativity which is coming up!

Here are some pictures from our role play lesson on the Gunpowder Plot last week…


Miss Deay



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