Catch the Celts!

Class 5 launched their new Romans topic, ‘Gladiators…READY!’, with an exciting game called ‘Catch the Celts’! Half of the class were the Roman army, identified with yellow shoulder bands, whilst the rest of the class were split into 3 Celtic tribes (blue, green and red). The tribes decided to work together to defend the British shore (otherwise known as the playground) from the invading Roman army. Players captured each other by taking their velcro tags and were able to use their base-camp as a ‘safe-zone’. It was tremendous fun, as eventually the Romans were picked off by the impressive Celts, leaving the Roman leader ‘Caesar’ (aka Bella) exposed and when her tag was taken, the Celts were victorious! Pupils are desperate to play another game, as they now see how employing different tactics (e.g. hiding and ambushing) may be more fruitful!

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