Week beginning: 8/1/19

Welcome back!

What a great start we have had! The children have been showing lots of school values in the learning and behaviour. As a result, they have finally filled up the gem Jar! This means that next week, we will be finishing lessons early on Friday, we will be watching a film linked to the Rainforest, we’re allowed to bring in a small animal teddy, hopefully linked to the Rainforest and with your permission, we will be providing them with a hot chocolate drink! They have worked so hard and have been trying to fill the jar since the beginning of the academic year.

In writing this week, we have started to look at our adventure story Ring of fire and other adventure stories. We have found the sequencing pattern and drawn our story maps.

In Mathematics we have continued our multiplication and division learning. We learnt how to multiply by 100. 

In science we have been learning about the different layers of the rainforest and the different animals and plants that can be found there. 

In Geography we have been learning about the equator, tropics of cancer and Capricorn and where rainforests can be found.

Please don’t forget we are swimming on Monday so all children need to bring in their swimming trunks/costumes, cap, goggles and a towel. 


Mrs Miller



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