Well done to our pupils of the week this week. They were chosen for applying skills from previous learning to new learning.

The children have had a wonderful week this week. I am so proud of the focus they have shown, and their attitudes towards their learning. I have attached some photos.

In maths we have been learning about division and using different methods. The children have become so much better are sharing their methods and discussing their reasoning.

In writing we are innovating a finding story. The children have been learning how to write effective dialogue and how to build suspense.

In RE we created a conscience Alley and two children were selected to play Judas, the other children pretended to be Judas’s conscience telling him why he should and why he should not betray Jesus. We discussed why Jesus knowing he would be betrayed, did not stop Judas.

Spellings and times tables have been uploaded onto the class page. Please ensure children are bringing in their reading logs daily. I keep asking the children but they are not always bringing them in for me to sign.

The children loved their reward, the film we watched was perfect, it explored global warming, environmental change and positive and negative effects humans have as the main character, a turtle, ventured around the world.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Miller






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