W/B: 21/01/19

This week in maths we are focusing on comparing mass of 2 or more objects. We will also be working on our word problems using RUCSAC.

In writing, we have started to plan for our invention of our cumulative tale. We will be working on this throughout the week where we will be adding suffixes to our work, along with contracted forms and making sure we follow the structure of the story.

In PHSE, we talked about what it takes to achieve our goals. In science, we will be learning about the basic needs of animals. In our topic we will be finding out about Christopher Columbus. We will also be working on our journaling and problem solving later on in the week.

Before half term, we will be making a moon landing buggy where we will need some cardboard boxes and aluminium foil. Therefore, can I ask that everyone bring in a shoe box and some foil for their creation? We will be using some cotton reels for wheels and a wooden dowel which we have already.

Thank you,

Miss Deay


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