Wolf Attack!

Class 5 experienced a very eventful English lesson yesterday, when an unexpected visitor attacked! Whilst we were reading an extract from our new focus text (The Wolves of Willoughby Chase), the classroom was suddenly filled with the eerie sound of howling wolves. A few moments later, razor-like claws began pawing at the outside of the classroom windows, causing mass manic! A ferocious wolf then began jumping at the glass, sending pupils to run for cover under their desks. As Mr Croutear bravely opened the back door to investigate, the wolf ran in through the other door, circling the classroom! A few boys risked their lives in trying to fend off the wild beast, before it bounded away through the door and out across the field. Once they had recovered, Class 5 reflected on just how Sylvia must have been feeling in the story when she is aboard a train which breaks down in the snow and is attacked by a pack of savage wolves!

The frenzied wolf at the window!

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