W/B: 28/01/19

This week in class, we have finished our unit on mass and have moved on to reading and estimating temperature. The maths homework will be word problems (using the four operations) based on mass. We will also be having a times tables test on the x3 and division 3 times tables.

We have also finished our cumulative tale and completed our hot task. The pupils worked really hard and enjoyed reading their work out in front of the class. We will begin the imitation stage of our non-chronological report on Polar Bears tomorrow.

In our topic this week, we will be comparing the missions of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. In Science, we learned about healthy eating and in our PHSE we talked about how important it is to take turns.

If you have any spare shoe boxes or cardboard boxes at home, it would be great if you could send them into school. We will begin making our moon buggy next week and every child needs a box.

Stay warm!

Miss Deay

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