W/B: 04/03/19

In maths this week we have been comparing amounts of money, calculating totals and later in the week will be exploring how to calculate change.

In writing, we have started our unit on ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ where we will be learning how to write a wishing tale. The children focused on writing character descriptions this week, along with a short diary entry. We also have been comparing texts to find similarities and differences between them.

In our topic, we created a nocturnal animal fact file focusing on the barn owl. We also will be completing night scene pictures using water colours in art.

Class 2 are looking forward to sharing their lovely home learning projects with you on Friday! I am very impressed at the effort that has gone into each and every one.

Times table test will be on the 2, 5 and 10 tables.

Miss Deay

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