Class 5 update

It has been a week since we travelled to Rockley for our residential and in class we have been enjoying writing our ‘Rockley recounts’ using our Google accounts. The pupils have access to a shared drive of photos from the trip, which they are adding to their Google document as they type up the story of their three days. The children have all shared their document with Mr Croutear, meaning that he can mark/comment on the work in real-time. Some pupils have been so enthused that they have been working on their recounts from home.

In Maths, we have been working on measurement and getting to grips with converting between different units, such as grams and kilograms. Today, we have been switching between metric and imperial, learning that 1kg = 2.2lbs.

On Monday we focused on our Heartsmart theme – ‘Fake is a Mistake’. We carried out some activities which underlined how important it is to be our ‘real’ selves, that we are good enough just the way we are and that telling others fibs about ourselves is not a positive thing to do.

Science was very enjoyable yesterday, as the pupils created their own ‘rocket mice’ which were launched out of plastic milk cartons! They came up with investigation questions such as ‘how does a longer tail affect the launch of the mouse?’ and ‘how does the size of the mouse affect the height it reaches?’. We discussed the forces at work and are looking forward to firing water rockets from the playground next week!

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