W/B: 24/06/19

We have been busy revisiting our 2 step word problems this week in class 2. We have been using RUCSAC to help us reach the answers and solve the problem.

In our English, we have been researching some ‘Big 5’ animals which is linked in with our topic ‘Sensational Safari’ . Last week we used our chrome books to try and find out as much information as we could about our chosen animal. We used this to start our non-chronological reports yesterday and will be working on it for the rest of the week.

In our science, we became environment experts and learned all about how we can save energy. We took a trip around the school to do a survey and used this to inform us how we could teach people how to cut back on the energy they use.

KS1 sports day was a big success last week and I was so proud of all the pupils, each one of them did their absolute best and showed great teamwork skills.

Miss Deay

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