Class 2

W/B: 8/10/19

In maths we will be working on subtracting and towards the end of the work will begin to focus on subtracting with renaming. We will also be working on our problem solving skills involving addition.

In writing, we are beginning our new text ‘Whatever Next’ and will begin work on our recount unit. During our imitation week, the pupils will be thinking about the key features of the text along with describing a setting using adjectives and similes. We will also be making a list of equipment we would need to travel to the moon (using commas in lists) and answering some comprehension questions on the text.

In our spelling we have began work on some homophones, the class did some lovely work in their spelling journals yesterday where they recorded the homophones we have learned so far.

Last week in science, we completed our rocket mice experiment. Have a look at some of the pictures of when we tried them out.

We will be having our dictation on Friday, as well as our times tables test on the 2 times tables (multiplication and division).

Miss Deay

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