Class 4

Week beginning 14/10/19

Well done to our pupils of the week who were chosen for their descriptive journaling in maths. Great explanations!

This week in maths, we have been learning about finding the difference. We have also been practising our times tables.

In writing, we have been writing our own instructions. The children have been very imaginative.

In Art, we have been painting our canopic jars, they are beginning to look great.

In Science, we have been investigating what will happen to egg shells, when left for 1 hour in different liquids. We will find out the results next week.

Just a reminder, the children would like to show off their canopic jars and some of their topic learning after school on Thursday. Mr Holloway will be teaching that day, he will see the children out and then invite parents in for a few minutes to look at learning left out on the table. If you do not get the opportunity to come. Do not worry, we have parents evening on Monday and Tuesday next week, where you can see your child’s learning.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Miller

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