Class 5

Class 5 Update

It has been a busy and very successful week in Class 5 – in English we have been innovating our model text ‘UFO Police Report’, which the children have been really enjoying. They have developed an excellent understanding of how to write in this recount genre and our Talk4Writing wall is looking fabulous. The quality of writing being produced by pupils is very impressive – please see the examples below!

In Maths, we have finished our work on multiplication and are now embarking on some tricky lessons on division. The class were introduced to the long division method today and will be practising this over the next week. We have had some important discussions on the theme of anti-bullying week with the class showing very good maturity – most pleasing was how they perceive there to be little or no bullying at Priory School and that they would know what to do if they did have any problems. Science lessons have covered the Sun and the Earth as part of our new project.

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