Class 2

W/B: 18/11/19

This week in maths we will continue to work on our multiplication-using the grouping method and arrays. We will also begin to work on some word problems. We will also be starting our unit on division. There will be a times tables quiz on the 2 and 5 times tables on Friday (multiplication).

In writing, we will be finishing off our innovation of our ‘defeating the baddie’ story. Later in the week, we will begin our invention. The pupils will also be introduced to speech marks and will have a go at using these in their work.

In Science, we will be comparing the suitability of materials and in our topic we will be learning about the main cities across the UK along with locating these on a map.

In PE, we will begin our dance unit and in music we will be working on our Christmas songs.

Our school trip is due to take place on Friday, let’s hope the weather hold up for us!

Miss Deay

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