Class 4

Week beginning: 27/1/2020

Well done to our pupil of the week, she was chosen for including lots of new skills in her adventure story.

In English, we have now begun to look at persuasive writing. We have written a letter to Mr Ruffle to persuade him to let us have a gem Jar reward.

In Maths, we have been solving division and multiplication word problems. We have needed lots of practise with this.

In whole class reading, we have been making links with other books we have read and have been clarifying the meaning of new words.

In Music, we have been learning about keeping rhythm and have been playing Samba drums.

In Geography, we have been learning about lines of longitude and latitude and how they can be used to find the location of rain forests.

Reminders: We will be inviting parents in to see our learning Thursday 13th February, the last week before half term. Nothe Fort will be Monday 2nd March and VE day, where grandparents and parents are invited in: Thursday 2nd April. More information to follow in the coming weeks.

We hope you have a wonderful week,

Mrs Miller

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