Week beginning 3/2/2020

Well done to our pupil of the week, who was chosen for his resilience in his maths learning. He is always motivated with maths and uses learning resources to help support him.

This week in maths, we have begun to learn about bar graphs and line graphs. We have been great at asking questions about different graphs and thinking about why the information is important.

In writing, we have been learning about persuasive language and why persuasive writing is important. We thought about our environment and how banning plastic bags would help our environment and how we could encourage people to do so by writing persuasive letters. We also thought about ways to be more persuasive by using alliteration, exaggeration, comparatives and superlatives.

In Science, we have been learning about green house gasses and if green house gasses are good for our planet. We opened up with a debate and we can’t wait to investigate further next week.

In PE, we learnt some different skills needed for handball. We practised shooting on one leg and passing from the chest.

Next week, we will be at the end of our Amazon Adventure topic.On Thursday, after school, We would like to invite parents into our classroom to come and see our learning.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Miller

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