Class 2

W/B: 02/03/20

In maths this week we are moving onto money, and will be working on recognising money, finding totals and giving change. We will also be doing some revision on adding and subtracting any two digits numbers using the number line.

In writing, we will be working on our cumulative tale ‘The Papaya That Spoke’. The pupils have created a story map and will begin writing up their version of the story later in the week. There will be a focus on using contracted forms, question marks, exclamation marks, conjunctions and adjectives.

In science we will be exploring different habitats in the playground, in our topic we will begin working on creating non-chronological reports for a nocturnal animal of our choice and in music we will be using glockenspiels and bell chimes to create our own melodies.

Pupils need to revisit the spelling rules when adding suffixes to words. Have a look at the powerpoint below if you would like to help your child at home.

Miss Deay

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