Class 4

Week beginning 2/3/2020

Well done to our pupil’s of the week. It was a hard choice but the children chosen this week, were chosen for their continued resilience with their reading and enthusiasm and also because of how brilliantly they behaved on the school trip, showing team work and asking lots of great questions.

On Monday we learnt so much about World War 2. We learnt about money in the past and how it is different to today, we learnt about rationing, home life and the life of an evacuee.

On Thursday, we joined in with the rest of the country celebrating world book day. We started the day reading books, listening to story tellers, being inspired by authors and then in the afternoon, we designed our own super heroes and Villains for our own stories.

In music, we are really getting to grips with our Samba band. The children are listening to the rhythm and learning to play together to create a great sound.

In writing, we listen to a radio broadcast from Neville Chamberlain, when he was prime minister and announcing that Britain was going to war with Germany. We then looked at a newspaper report, recording this event.

In Maths, we have continued learning about fractions and finding fractions in their simplest forms.

Thank you to all of the wonderful science experiments and projects, they were amazing. We can see just how enthusiastic children have been about these.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Miller

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